TrailheaDX 2018 Global Gathering – Trailblazer date with Future Salesforce

The Namma TrailheaDX 2018 Global Gathering Event for Bangaluru Salesforce Developer Group on 21st Apr – An informative Saturday when I had a fun filled hours to spend and dive more into Salesforce.

My thanks to the organizers Abhilash Kuntar @goabhigo  , Kishore @iKishoreBt and the Speaker Shashank Shrivastava @shashforce (Developer Relations Manager, India, Salesforce) for bringing this event #TDX18GG and opportunity to us.

I really enjoyed the day and the session which included announcements, future Salesforce goals and SalesforceDX demo on Visual Studio. Shashank spoke about lot of things which raised the excitement of Trailblazers and a learning path to participate with Salesforce future goals.

This was the first Salesforce event experience for me. Though I had been into Salesforce practice from a while but I never got the opportunity to be part of such occasions, mostly because I was never available at right place on right time. I feel many of you might have same issues and could not make it to these informative gatherings. So, I decided to write about it and spread the word in benefit of all Trailblazers out there.

Future Customer Experience

Speaking about the event, it included session on Future of Salesforce. It all started with a brilliantly designed short story about Customer experience, who gets some hotel recommendations based on some previous searches and interests. Then the convieniece by which he can book the hotel and check-in through the wearable device on his hand. He can even unlock the room using the same idiot internet enabled device. What’s next? He just get down and is notified on his phone a welcome note and the hotel as a nice host asks him if he need anything. He can comfortably text his requests to the hotel and scroll further to check the suggestions of nearby tourists places to enjoy his amazing vacation.

Salesforce Integration Cloud

As a customer, you may like the idea and favor the delightful experience. But as a coder or developer, if you deep down into this story you might feel the level of complexity, no. of applications, devices and technology involved. And the most important part of making this idea possible is Integration of all these devices, applications and get 360 degree view of customer interests and activities in form of data. Now, as you know, Salesforce is really serious about Customer and engaging customer with happy experiences.  A step towards this, Shanshank introduced to us the new member of Salesforce Cloud family which is yet to get announced officially as a product feature. Killing your excitement, let me take the name. It’s the Salesforce Integration Cloud. There was a demo video played on occasion to show how seamless the integrations could be thought about with just point-and-click features. We got to see the integrations of once Sales cloud, one partner app and two service cloud Salesforce orgs in a blink of eye.

Dreamhouse Sample App

Next in series, the crowd had an opportunity to see the Dreamhouse app and few other features. We got to know about upgraded Report builder and Dashboard builder, IOT Explorer and in short few of the discussions around Heroku, Kafka etc.

Expected Showstoppers at Dreamforce 2018

We heard about what Salesforce is working on these days and will bring to us very soon like Chatbots, Platform event bus. We got to know about the capability of customize flow with Lightning component, External services and using Swagger REST API specifications, Streaming API , Einstien Image recognition and object detection API  and many more terms. Sorry to say, but I might have missed to note down few here.

Oh I got it, what you are thinking about. No the event was not at all boring and we had Sandwiches and tea break in between. Around 160+ Trailblazer brains under same roof taking about the Salesforce future move. It was nothing less than “Chai pe Charcha”.

Live Demo

After tea break, Shashank demonstrated the SalesforceDx project where he created a Lightning component on visual studio (a smart alternative to and shown how easily using few short command line tools it could be build and deployed. This part of session was ‘WoW’ factor for me, because I am really impressed by the future of ‘Build and deploy’ simplicity altogether without loosing flexibility.

Now talking about the climax of this Saturday movie, we got to know that Salesforce is working on an ambitious project to reduce the all day pain of we, the Trailblazers.  Yes, we can now create an identity page on for us. Show up to the world all our badges, profile details, certifications, interests, event participations, answers and community memberships, launching dev orgs, a unique simple url to publicize the profile just like twitter handle and lot more on a single page.


At the end, there was a rapid fire round of Question and answers. And let me tell you, not being part of such events, one thing which you always miss are the Salesforce goodies which you can win and show up on your posts like me 🙂




So as a closing statement, anything and everything which I might have missed or you feel more interest into, you may go through the trailhead mix by Parker Harris and know in more detail.

Enjoy learning and keep sharing to grow together. 

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