Salesforce – The Socially Obvious platform

I am fond of Salesforce. Are you?

You must be thinking all the lines below are just marketing or branding for Salesforce. But believe me or not, I am not a marketing personnel neither I am getting any monetary benefit for writing this blog.

I am a computer professional who has been around few of the software technologies in past decade and just because this has been my bread earning profession, I have stopped by for few moments, analyzed, experienced and compared every application, software, interface or user action while being an end user.

Today, we are spending significant amount of our time on these interfaces, be it facebook, whatsapp, youtube, email or instagram. If I ask the prime reason behind this. Oh, you think “getting connected” is the only reason. No, you are underestimating the power of technology and its psychological impact.

You do and often do.. what you are supposed to do, only if you love doing that. Isn’t ?

We all had library in school, but how many of us had a habit of visiting that silent room? What happens if today a student has to complete a project and need to get the information or learn skills around that. Instead of visiting library, we start searching online or use youtube for fast learning. We can spend ours on these platform but we don’t prefer finding books or turning pages (exception for book lovers).

Do you ever think, why we do so? Because we are programmed in such a way. Our brain always strives to find the shortcut, convenience and comfort.


This is the biggest reason for popularity of all social platforms out there. The user friendliness they offer in there interface is the top most thing which makes us so comfortable on these platforms. Such an awesome understanding of human mind to find out “what is obvious” and providing user the convenience and comfortability to use the platform. Lets take an example, if some of you had ever used rediffmail earlier and remember how difficult it was to attach a file to an email. It used to open a new pop-up window where user has to atleast click 3 times to get a single file attached and return back to email editor. That is the reason, I and many of you switched to gmail.

Have you ever thought, the picture our mind creates when we think about few words, like Edit = Editting Pen, Attach = Paper Pin, Message = Envelope etc. Yes, this is the “obvious”, which we enjoy. Facebook wall is the biggest example of comfort. You get everything you need on one page. You enjoy posting thoughts because you love doing this, the features are so user friendly that do not get bored or tired of it. Our brain works always and may be that’s the reason, its lazy.

Now, if I say with the same comfort and joy, a salesperson can work on the business opportunities. They may enjoy it when they log activities and customer details. They love using platform and this motivates them to keep using it. High adoption rate for CRM is self explanatory sign of success. Salesforce delivers high on its promises when it is about features. Are you thinking about what features I am talking about? Lets compare few of them,

Google search – keyword search – Salesforce Global search which lists all that is relevant

Facebook wall – Write Something here and tag people – Salesforce offer chatter posts and you can mention team members, groups or other users.

Facebook posts – Share link or attach files – Yes, Salesforce offers the same on job

Google Drive – Managing files and visibility – Salesforce files provides this feature

Thinking about Whatsapp groups or group sharing – Salesforce public groups can do lot more

Google analytics – Play with data and represent in meaningful attractive formats – Salesforce Reports and Dashbord already offered this, but now we have analytics under flashlight.

WordPress – Easy plugin and widgets – Component based Salesforce lightning experience with widgets on-off simplicity

LinkedIn profiles and professional network – Salesforce user and contact profiles with photo, public groups and relationships with business house.

Facebook pages – Branding – Communities and Partner portals by Salesforce

And lot more to experience!!

All the features above, provided by salesforce is as much relevant as you think. Any internet user, who is accustomed to the social platforms, after using salesforce will agree that there is nothing which demands additional effort to learn ‘how to’.
Adding more fun to this, salesforce has recently launched Social profiles feature, which is easy integration of contacts with social profiles and keep employees updated about social activities of customer and key contacts.

Users enjoy using the features and this fun brings them to platform again and again providing high adoption rate because
They do and often do.. what they are supposed to do, since they love doing that. Isn’t ?

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