Salesforce Maintenance Exams will be Free Starting Summer’18

Yes, you heard it right !! Salesforce has very recently announced this awesome news to benefit the professionals.

There has been long time discussions among developers, admin and everyone concerned about the cost of certifications and then periodic maintenance exams release on release basis.
Everyone out there advocated there concern in a different way but most of us were getting impacted. For many with numerous


badges, maintenance exam cost had soon started to appear like a burden. And those who were new to this arena were developing a habit to stop for a while, take a long breathe and then take a decision whether to register and take certification exam with never ending periodic maintenance cost or just stay safe.

It is perfectly fine to look back and watch some glimpses of hot discussions on this topic over various community platforms.

The long term demand has reached there, and Salesforce as always has again proved the #awesomness before the world.
In recent TrailheaDx Keynote, it has been announced that soon the Maintenance Exams will move to Trailhead and there will be no cost to take exams and stay certified. This will be done in phased manner for different certification paths.

With this news, I think we must also fold our sleeves and get ready to make our hands dirty in order to stay certified. Yes, you understood me right. As we know there are some genuine configuration and coding challenges which Trailhead modules include. Something similar might be included as part of maintenance exam. So, get ready to face some real challenges and feel every Salesforce release.

Most of you must already be knowing how to use trailhead platform and ride over the learning paths. For those who are new to this zone – Trailhead currently lets you login with Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

TrailheaDx opening Keynote

This is the news which I received today from one of the Salesforce group


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